About Us

Welcome to Sharperedges Scissors Ltd., where a passion for grooming excellence meets a commitment to providing affordable everyday grooming tools and services. Our journey began with a simple yet profound inspiration—to revolutionize the pet grooming industry by addressing the common pain points faced by groomers.

Founded by a couple with a deep understanding of the grooming world, Sharperedges recognized the need for a reliable source of excellent tools and set out to create a grooming haven where affordability, practicality, and effectiveness converge.

Setting up our business was no easy feat. We faced financial constraints, needed retraining, and had to navigate the landscape to find reputable suppliers. The challenges were numerous, but our determination and passion for excellence drove us forward.

At Sharperedges, we've learned invaluable lessons over the years. Our biggest successes lie in our present—a thriving business, satisfied employees, strong supplier relationships, effective marketing, and a warehouse in Bolton ensuring swift product delivery.

What sets us apart is our commitment to meticulous testing. As a small family, we take pride in personally checking each product to ensure it functions seamlessly upon arrival. And of course, a touch of charm and charisma from our founder adds that special something to the Sharperedges experience.

Choosing the right grooming tools is an art, and we provide three guiding principles: affordability, practicality, and a clear understanding of their purpose. Our goal is to cater to working groomers who appreciate value for money without compromising on quality.

While we may not be a hub of local activity, our focus remains on providing exceptional products and services. We constantly evolve to align with changing needs, keeping our products affordable and practical for the everyday groomer.

Creating an enjoyable customer experience online can be challenging, but we aim to be the face of our business—offering help, advice, and insightful tips. Our vision for Sharperedges is anchored in constant adaptation and understanding the evolving needs of groomers. We strive to maintain our position as a reliable, middle-ground source for quality products.

Our success lies in carving our own path, disregarding industry norms and charting a course guided by our unique perspective. A physical shop complements our online presence, allowing us to engage with customers personally and share banter about the grooming world.

Fluffers and Flip Fluffs are among our most popular products, showcasing our commitment to providing grooming tools that resonate with our customers.
What do we love most about our job? Everything. There's not a single aspect we wouldn't wholeheartedly embrace. At Sharperedges Scissors, we're not just a store; we're a community.

Join us on this exciting journey, and let's groom with excellence together!