Scissor Maintenance/ Cleaning

Scissor Maintenance/ Cleaning

Cleaning your scissors

A very important question which comes up in every dog groomer's mind is how to clean dog grooming scissors. Taking care of all your professional grooming scissors regardless of the level of grooming scissors you are using, is absolutely vital to prolonging the life of the scissors and the sharpness of the blades. 

1. Clean your dog grooming scissors and keeping them dry.

Taking care of all your dog grooming scissors, regardless of the level of
grooming scissors you are using, is absolutely vital to prolonging the life of
the scissors and the sharpness of the blades. Dog grooming scissors should
be cleaned ideally between each groom, as this reduces the debris and the
risk of transferring chemicals used between dogs. You must always clean
your scissors at the end of every working day.

2. Keep your dog grooming scissors oiled.

Keeping your dog grooming scissors oiled is so important as it helps protect
the metal from rusting, and stops bacteria, chemicals and moisture from the
salon building up on the blades. The debris from dog grooming can also
work its way into the pivot section of the blade, reducing blade mobility and
causing unnecessary friction.

3. Check and correct your dog grooming scissor's tension.

Correct scissor tension is also extremely important for maintaining your dog
grooming scissors and getting the best out of them. Not only having the
correct tension, which will result in your scissors performing beautifully, it
will also prevent the blades from locking or catching against one another.

4. Store your dog grooming scissors safely.

To store clean dog grooming scissors, firstly you must ensure that each pair
of scissors is closed and keep them in an area where it is dry, out of the
sunlight (when we have sunshine) and somewhere safe. I would also advise
to cover the scissors with either a dry towel or sheet. This will keep any
stray dog hairs, dust and moisture, away from your precious scissors.

5. Ensure your dog grooming scissors are sharpened.
To maintain a dog grooming scissor's performance, ensuring that the 
scissor is serviced and sharpened, it is vital. All dog grooming scissors are
given an extremely sharp edge at the point of manufacture. This sharp edge
will naturally blunt over time. However, there are a number of factors which
can cause dog grooming scissors to blunt quickly. Having your dog
grooming scissors serviced and sharp will maintain your scissor's longevity
and keep your scissors performing at their best. More information on our
professional scissor sharpening service.
6. Keep away from Damp atmospheres.
Damp is a major cause of rust. Most scissors will rust at some point if left in a damp environment. Some may rust quicker than others depening on their ingredients, coating, colouring etc so its advisable to have a constant room temperature and good ventilation to avoid blades and scissors rusting.

For more information, or to get your scissors sharpened, check out to sharpening page on this site. 
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