Handstripping with TwinKing 2 in 1 and The Shorty

Handstripping with TwinKing 2 in 1 and The Shorty

Handstripping is a grooming technique that has piqued the interest of many, yet finding the right tools can often seem daunting. We've been approached multiple times over the years about whether we would venture into offering handstripping tools.

Initially hesitant due to it not being our primary focus, our perspective shifted after discovering the handstripping range from Groomer.dk, offered by Pluck and Shine Ltd., the exclusive UK distributor. This discovery led us to introduce two indispensable tools to the Student Kit.

Introducing the TwinKing 2 in 1 and The Shorty

The TwinKing 2 in 1 Undercoat Rake and The Shorty from the Diamond Edition stand out for their innovative design and functionality. Groomer.dk, unique in its approach, incorporates a dulling step in their production process, ensuring these tools safely engage the coat without sharp edges or the risk of cutting.

The TwinKing 2 in 1 Undercoat Rake

Not just for handstripping aficionados, the TwinKing 2 in 1 rake is an exceptional tool for deshedding, capable of tackling the undercoats of not only handstripped, but all breeds which need that, ranging from e.g. German Shepherds to Huskies, Pomeranians, and even cats. This versatility ensures it remains a valuable component of your grooming toolkit, regardless of whether handstripping remains a technique you pursue.

The Shorty - A Stripping Knife, but Not Quite

Ideal for novices yet appreciated by experts, The Shorty emulates the functionality of a stripping knife without actually being one. Its coarse-coated metal design facilitates effective handstripping technique crucial for beginners to learn. Unlike using scissors, handstripping requires stable wrist positioning and the application of thumb pressure to secure the hair against the tool for pulling.

Why Choose These Tools?

While the market offers a vast array of handstripping tools, these selections from Groomer.dk stand out for their innovation, safety, and versatility. Both the TwinKing 2 in 1 Rake and The Shorty ensure beginners can venture into the world of handstripping with confidence, easing the learning curve and enhancing the grooming process.

Exploring handstripping techniques enriches the grooming experience, offering a deeper connection and understanding of pet care. With carefully selected tools like the TwinKing 2 in 1 and The Shorty, beginners and experts alike can refine their skills and ensure the best care for their furry clients.

About the author: Carola Copland is a seasoned dog groomer and the visionary behind Pluck & Shine, also serving as the exclusive distributor for groomer.dk in the UK. Her expertise in the pet grooming industry, particularly in handstripping techniques, has established her as a trusted authority among professionals and enthusiasts alike. Carola is the revered author of "Handstripping - What You Need to Know," a comprehensive guide aimed at demystifying the handstripping process for groomers of all skill levels. Her passion for animal care and grooming proficiency shines through her work, making her a respected voice in the grooming community.

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